Life choices

I have made some really bad choices.

Done things that I will regret forever.

I have certain dark secrets. Things that I just want to bury in my past and never have to think about them again. These are one of those things nobody knows, things that I keep stored inside.

But I have learned to live life beyond all that hassle and confusion. All those experiences and mistakes are what make me what I am today; the girl that he loves so irrevocably.
By just being aware of the fact about how much he cares, makes me want to forget everything and devote my everything to this boy. Because at the end of the day, he deserves it. Every single moment that I spend loving him, he deserves every tiny bit. He makes me want to believe in the purity of life again, believe in things that I’ve been ignoring. He makes me fee like I’m the most beautiful person he has ever come across and that I am nothing but a pure blessing to him.

There and just by saying those things and standing right in front of me with that smile to die for, he takes my breath away.

Yea, I’ve made horrible choice but everybody has their share of regrets right?

I think I’ve finally made the most craziest and best choice of my life and now there is no looking back because this is worth fighting for. I know I’ll never have to question myself ever again. He’ll be there with me through it all because all we have is each other. I am going to do every possible thing on this planet to make this happen because you’re worth every struggle and every battle that I will have to face.

It all comes down to these 3 simple but powerful words :

I Love You.


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