Long distance relationship sucks?

It is really difficult isn’t it?

You miss the touch, the feeling when he touches your hand and your stomach has got the butterflies running  a circus inside. The feeling when you see him across the street, slowly walking towards you with that smile you had fallen for so hard . The tight hug he gives you and the kisses he gives you making you feel like you are probably the luckiest girl to be living on this planet.

No, nothing on this planet is going to ever replace that. Nothing that will ever fill that place in your heart. Nothing you feel is going to be equal to the feeling of being in his arms.

It is very easy for people to say that you are going to meet him in a couple of months or eventually you will meet him so don’t worry. Well, it is easier said than to be done. Who will fill that emptiness you feel right now in your heart? How long can you feel strong and hold on to that date to when you are going to see him? What about all the days when you just want him to be there and hold you tight and make you feel like everything is going to be alright?

Is all that easy?

Well, let me tell you something : it’s NOT.

Times when all you want to do is sit in a corner and think about him and all your moments together. No, do not mistaken me for being depressed. There is a difference between missing someone and being depressed. Yes, you continue taking a day one by one as it comes and you step out of your little world in which you are with him and smile. Pretend that you are holding it all together when deep inside you are lost and confused and don’t know what to do to make it alright.

You wait hours and hours by the phone and dreaming about what he would be doing right now.
“Why hasn’t he called yet?”
Is he really that busy?Or is his phone not working?

Maybe, he forgot to call me.

Doesn’t he miss me?

Is he okay?

You ask yourself all those questions a million times and hoping you’d get a reply, but it is all in vain. You get up and walk trying to shake it all of and put it all together.
The nights are the worst.
You just lay there, frozen not wanting to move and then slowly a tear trickles down your cheek.
You are thinking of the first day you saw him, the first time you spoke, the first smile you had when you realized that this boy was much more than friend to you, the moment when you came to know that he felt the same way about you, the first date and finally your first kiss.
They all run by in your mind like a movie in parts.
You smile thinking about the times when he surprised you and when he has been in that naughty mood to trouble you.
You think about all the times you have lied to people just to make time for him, to probably just go for a walk with him holding your hand.
While everything is just all over your mind you somehow just fall asleep and wake up to a new day to take on the challenges you are going to face.

You see your phone light up and you run to pick it up.
There, your world is in its place and you are oblivious to all your surroundings.
You heart beats fast and you shriek out of happiness.

He is alright and he misses you.
He loves you.

That’s enough for you to hold on tight.


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