Okay so all of us have that one person that we regret dating or regret being with.
so let’s talk about that a little bit here.

Remember when you thought that he/she was the only one and you would never find anyone half as good as him/her?
And how did that turn out?

Not quite so good, I’m guessing because otherwise you wouldn’t still be reading this post.

All those times when he/she made you feel super special and made you feel like that everything was great and perfect and all that other crap.
All he did was just to make you happy and to make sure everything was your way.
Then all of a sudden, he doesn’t care anymore.
Oh and his excuse being that ‘he can’t see you hurting anymore and he is confused about what this is and that he needs sometime to sort things out’
There, he ends everything like that.

Life isn’t a fairytale and he clearly wasn’t your prince.
He’d go around hurting you but then come running back to you saying he’s sorry and he never meant to hurt you and all that.
If he cared about you so much, why did he hurt you in the first place?
MAYBE, because you don’t matter to him as much he does to you.
I know it is bloody difficult to digest that fact and think that everything he said or did was a lie.
You tried making things better and it didn’t work out because he says that he just isn’t that interested in you anymore.
But babe, he is just a good actor and you fell for it.
It wasn’t your fault so don’t try to blame yourself for things you never did.

Soon enough you know that he is going out with someone else or he’s flirting with someone else or just you know, doing his thing.
At that moment, you should realize how much of a waste of time he was.
Yea nothing else but just a waste of your precious time.
He didn’t deserve any of the love that you gave him, none at all.

Now that you have finally moved on with your life and you’re happy, he’s pretending as if he never met you or acts as if you don’t exist?
Or he is insulting you behind your back and telling his friends that you were the mistake?
Don’t worry, that’s just his way of showing how much he misses you and how much he wants you back.
He knows since that isn’t going to happen then why to let people know that he was the one at fault.
Offense is the best kind of defense.

Because whether you be kind to someone or be rude, its all going to come back to you, one day or the other.
Believe in yourself and believe that whatever happens, happens for the best.
Thank god, you got out of it at least.
It is better late, than never right?

Oh and now when he comes around apologizing, gently smile and tell him that you are not that interested in him anymore and that you have got your priorities straight and fortunately he isn’t one of them.
Tough luck.
Because mistakes like him teach you a lesson and it makes you a better person.
Now you have one moron less in your life.
How is that a bad thing?


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