Preconceived notions

So what are preconceived notions?
This is what google has to say,”an opinion formed beforehand without adequate evidence or a personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty.”
In simple words, it is called, “Judging people for no apparent reason.”

Trust me, that is not all it is.
Because of these notions, people are confined to such boundaries and gates that they never even think of doing things that they actually want to do.
Okay so for example let’s take this really hot girl/boy in your school that you really have a major crush on.
You’re scared to go up to her/him and be friends because you don’t want to come off as weird and desperate.
So what do you do? You sit at home and stalk them on facebook or instagram and drool over them behind your computer screen.
That person might as well just be an amazing friend and you might just click with him/her.
How will you ever know if you don’t try?

You worry about what people are going to say about your dress. In your head you’re like,” Do I look too slutty?”
“Is my makeup too much?”
“Do I look too fat?”
“Why is that guy staring at me?”
I am saying this all out of personal experience because this is exactly what goes on in my head before I step out for a party.
You know why this happens?
Because there are people in this world who are just plain rude, who believe in not letting people be happy.
When you hear comments like,”She looked so fat in that dress” or  “Her face is filled with pimples, you can literally play dots and boxes”
You start worrying about how you look, over excessively worry.
Or you get called names like a black buffalo or a fat cow and all that other bullshit.
OH, so that was a joke and I shouldn’t take it personally?
Okay so, I’ll just punch you right in the face for fun.
I mean, come on don’t take it personally.

But you know what?
Over the years, I have learned to accept myself and my beauty, flaws.
Wait what flaws?
No, those aren’t my flaws.
They are characteristics that separate me from the rest of the world.
By just accepting yourself, you have already defeated 3/4th of the world because now people can’t hurt you when it comes to your looks.
Since, you think you are beautiful, you are never going to settle for anything less.
There, you’ve just solved all your problems.

Confidence is the most beautiful characteristic of a person, this itself makes you attractive.
Do something for yourself, don’t waste all that intelligence you have just because some boy/girl won’t date you.
I mean if they don’t see your beautiful self, how will you ever be happy with them?
If you don’t speak for yourself, then who will?

If you don’t think you’re beautiful, then how do you expect somebody else to find you beautiful?
So smile, because you’re the most beautiful person you know.


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