Note to my best girl friend

Have you ever thought about who your real friends are?

Like the friends who will actually miss you when you’re out of sight.
Those who know exactly what you feel like who read you like a storybook they’ve read a million times.
Those who know what exactly to say at what situation.
Those who have been by your side in every situation and every problem you’ve had to deal with.
Like those who cry when they see you cry and hug you and not say a word because a hug is all you need sometimes.
Those who have handled you when you were just a horrible mess.
Those who have been proud of your every achievement.
Those who literally know every single thing about you.
Those who go shopping with you, lunch dates, dinner dates, movie dates, ice-cream dates and everything.
That person that your entire family has met and also has to deal with your annoying sibling.
Last but not the least, that person to whom you just cannot lie to about ANYTHING.

If you have someone who has done all those above things with you then you’re as lucky as me.
Because I got lucky and met the most adorable girl I’ve ever come across. I will not be able to thank her enough for just being there with me.
Because I’m just a plain drama queen and I crave attention. She sort of calms me down and brings me down to earth.

All in all, she makes me a better person.
I love you, Sana.
I know I suck at making promises but I will keep this one, I’ll always come to you whenever I have to whine about anything.
Even if I’m going to be a country away, I’ll annoy you because that’s us.
Nobody will ever take your place.
I promise.
Oh and she isn’t just a friend, she’s way more.



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