Let us talk about a topic that we all ignore most of the times.
It’s called ‘letting go of what is not ours.’
This topic varies from letting go of our old stuff toys to letting go of our feelings for our ex.

We human beings have a tendency to make up excuses only because we don’t want to be proven wrong and this often leads to confusion, misunderstandings and lots of over-thinking.
“Oh my god, he still wants to talk to me and hang out. I don’t think he is over me, I still might have a chance with him”
Yea, that’s what MOST of  us think inside our little confused head, when reality might be the exact opposite.
All those things you make up in your head, all those imaginary smiles and feelings your ex still might have for you that do not let you move on.
No, that’s not your fault because that’s just in our nature. It is a part of us, over-thinking and hoping that what we feel is right.
You know why this happens?
Because we are scared that reality might be too harsh for us to handle and we might be left out, vulnerable.
We’re afraid that now things won’t go the way it was planned in our heads and that everything will change.

Many of us talk about it like its something that we do on a daily basis and that it is such an easy task.
Well, the truth is that half of us don’t even know what it actually means.
We are so busy planning on how to ‘change’ things that in the process we actually forget the main aim.
Most of us are actually afraid of change.
Some of us are honest about it while the rest are hiding it inside.
I don’t see anything unusual in that because we get used to a certain kind of pattern and if all of a sudden there is a diversion, we are not able to predict the outcome and this makes us feel vulnerable.
Nobody wants to feel vulnerable because that makes us weak.
But you know, change is actually good because now you know how things could be if you do it a different way.
If it wasn’t a good change then you are now 100% sure that your previous method was better and you can go on with the old one with full confidence having no second thoughts about it.
Yes, I know it is much easier said than done but why not give it a shot?
There is nothing to lose here and if things do get lost then you know that they were never meant to be yours.
Why prolong something that was going to happen anyway?

So if you’re sitting there worrying about what that text message that your ex boyfriend/girlfriend sent you means, I say why not find out?
If you don’t have the courage then let it go because it isn’t the end of the world, the Mayan calendar was wrong about 2012.

Letting go is actually much easier than dragging things and killing yourself from inside in the process.
Are you afraid of something that you haven’t even tried?


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