We talk about forgiveness as a big word with a deep meaning. When we say that we have forgiven someone, we usually think ourselves to be superior and mature. But is that really what forgiveness is about? About being the bigger person and letting go?

It really isn’t, but that’s what we want the entire world think of us including the person we apparently just forgave. When we lose something that meant something to us, it leaves a sort of a mark on us regardless the intensity of the issue. However trivial the reason for them betraying our trust might be, it defies whatever we believed in them. We hold certain things to be true for each and every encounter we make in our lives and it tends to have an impact on us if one of those things turn out be incorrect. What really makes us forgive is not the fact that we are saint like people with saint like behavior, it’s the fact that maybe forgiving them relieves us from the torture of thinking that we were wrong. It is to do with us forcing ourselves to believes that they fell out of the wagon and its not our fault that we thought of them in a certain way. Or maybe we are too weak to stay without the presence of that person, maybe we are too easy to convince or maybe we are too weak to not look past the mistakes. To my knowledge, nobody really forgives in the true sense because you can never let go of something that has hurt you, you can never let go of something that changed the way you look at something, something that changed your beliefs and more importantly you can never let go of something that turned your entire life around.

So now try convincing me that you honestly meant it when you said you forgave them.




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